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Full Spectrum Hemp Tincture for Pets…

TherPet Hemp Tinctures are formulated with your dog or cat’s holistic well-being as the central focus. Easily digested and dosed by the single drop, you can add this naturally-flavored supplement to your pet’s food, treats or easily right on their tongue! Beef and Peanut Butter for Dogs and Chicken for Cats! Full-Spectrum CBD Oil infused Tinctures contain a wide range of beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes, extracted from CBD-Rich Industrial Hemp, you will see the difference in your Pet’s quality of life almost immediately.


See What Clients Say

“My 16 year old Jack Russell Terrier has had a long, well lived, hearty life. A life lived as such deserves a comforting, peaceful place to rest pain free for the moment. I started him on TherPet this past fall. (2017) I have noticed Copper to be eating, sleeping and even playing more than ever. A year ago we thought we were going to lose him….now that he’s on TherPet, there’s no telling how long he shall last!”

Jason R.